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tv   Headline News  RT  May 22, 2013 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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arabic for a visit arabic. called. an f.b.i. agent kills a chechen mandrel to. one of the boston bombing suspects on my point with police last month. hurting for cash and bleeding in debt
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the e.u. turns its eye on tax dodgers i bring to the truly a new euro annual drain. the white house on the fourth us date american journalist moved to protect the media freedom which they believe is a warning victim to government fears that some delegate facts may surface. and as the friends of syria prepared to discuss peace between present assad and the opposition u.s. lawmakers get for a stage of google to a bill that could allow direct a weapon shipments to the rebels. oh. it's nine pm here in moscow you live with us on r.t. it's good to have you with us i'm tom with. now a chechen man who was being investigated for possible links to last month's boston
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marathon bombings has been shot dead by the f.b.i. outside his house in florida you bring him todashev allegedly knew that sanaya brothers are the main suspects in the terror attack probe artie's gammage again has the details. yes the r.s.s. was being questioned as part of the f.b.i.'s effort to find and talk to anyone who had any contact with tom or lunch or naive official say if agents were questioning to have on tuesday he was cooperated first they say but late tuesday night he attacked the agent who shot and killed him now under what circumstances it happened we don't know the f.b.i. says they send a review team to find out more officials also say to a doctor had some connections with radical chechen militants but they say it's not clear whether he had any role in radicalizing time or launch our neiers the f.b.i. did not elaborate on details but the friend of who was also questioned by the
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f.b.i. the same day in the same area in orlando florida he he added more details he said to die of and the man who was shot late tuesday night had known each other for two years both boxing he said the f.b.i. had been questioning both him this friend and for several weeks now and this friend also says that dodger of had tickets for chechnya but canceled his trip due to the investigation some sources told the media here had lived in the united states as a legal residences in italy two thousand and eight and was come along and i have family really they they never really lived in chechnya in toronto and i have arrived here in the you was ten years ago but based on the connections that he preserved with that part of russia the russian authorities were able to warn the u.s. about come along and i of radicalization more than two years before the boston bombings now u.s. authorities back then did not find him alone suspicious despite the warnings some
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say because. the officials the authorities might have taken him into account his chechen background looked at him from a more political rather than purely line foresman point of view because it's no secret that the u.s. has for years seen the forces operating in chad. not not as militants not as terrorists but as red balls and freedom fighters they still use the word rebels when referring to them also maybe that was the kind of mentality that went into the decision to grant asylum to tom alonso and i as family for example anyway following the tragic events in boston there has been a call from both the us president and the russian president for the security services of both countries to cooperate more closely and especially a call from the russian side to stop seeing the problem as being about your terrorists and my terrorist and to really start seeing it as a common threat. a new torture scandal hits like you western huge lated body is discovered in afghanistan as kabul will accuse an american military
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chief of murdering all those twenty people mysteriously went missing the details of just a hate. these are looking to cause it's tax and that wider the continent today as leaders meet in brussels to plug the leaks amounting to a trillion euros a year but it won't be easy top euro crisis and monarchs alike have featured in a slew of recent tax avoidance scandals and signifying just how widespread the practice has become are just as a zillion reports from the summits venue. tax evasion no that's a hot topic right now here in the e.u. especially as e.u. leaders have decided to go ahead and talk with the likes of switzerland so-called tax havens but are non e.u. members to establish some sort of a more transparent exchange of relevant of banking data and this also comes at a sensitive time for citizens there those who are asking at a time when they are having to pay higher taxes and deal with job losses those
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belong to the top one percent of the very wealthy of the countries get away with tax evasion and tax fraud nowi leaders of his speaking quite loudly about this clampdown on so-called offenders and a number of scandals have arisen in various countries starting with france on the former budget minister there. to step down from his post he's been accused of having a secret swiss bank account we're talking about an amount of six hundred eighty five thousand euros there and also another politician over in greece a former minister of finance there has been accused of being involved with one of the country's largest tax scandals us about one point two million dollars we're talking about here now over in germany the boss of one of the world's biggest a football clubs byron munich he's also want to investigation for fraud of about millions of dollars there now here in belgium by queen fabulous' has been accused of trying to hide her wealth from tax authorities so that her heirs don't have to pay a seventy percent tax putting all these together it's just a fraction of the want to trillion euros of the european commission says is lost to
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tax evasion and tax fraud each year the e.u. commissioner for taxation anti-fraud has expressed disappointment of the lack of progress made by the bloc there's still a level of opposition coming from a couple of countries namely austria and look some work both of which are keen to protect their own banking secrecy laws now this commissioner also pointed out the rather than relying on third party countries or non e.u. member countries like switzerland are more nicko the bloc should take bigger steps in imposing a tougher tax avoidance laws now today the summit is going to show whether leaders are willing to take that step or if all of this is just talk reporting from brussels. spearheading today's effort to lift the veil on banks is british prime minister david cameron let's discuss what his role in all of this would solve the editor of international tax review magazine mr. the u.k. currently has ten that takes a havens and there is jurisdiction what what's being done about them
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i think in the past u.k. has been particularly negligent about its overseas territories and crown depend sees it has a responsibility certainly to. systems in the u.k. in the e.u. and the wider world particularly the developing world to increasingly crack down its tax havens it's certainly going to need to promote a very serious regime of automatic information exchange the first steps of that board being taken and i think it should definitely be going a lot wider at the summit leaders are now molly the blast list of tax havens how far can brussels go to force these states to give up their status as a given that the majority of them are not even part of the e.u. it the issue certainly is much wider than the e.u.
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alone. tax havens are within e.u. territory certain tax havens are you members and some have very strong relations with europe so. brussels and the e.u. leaders do have a certain amount of leeway in the goshi actions with these territories party yes the issue is so much wider and it has to be tackled at a g. twenty level and o.e.c.d. level a un level much it's much bigger than york alone and how big is the tax evasion issue in terms of the u.k. when you say the tax evasion issue do you mean in terms of the the how big how high on the agenda how big is the bulk of the problem is. the problem is certainly very big it is costing the u.k. . in the tune of tens of billions a year the estimates do vary but it's certainly considerable and considering that
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the government is implementing the spirity policies cutting public services and raising taxes on british citizens i think it's certainly important that this tax gap is now closed how far with this in terms of if david cameron was able to stamp out the tax evasion issue how far would this go in improving britain's economic fortunes i think it would make a considered room prudent to britain's economic fortunes it certainly wouldn't be the be all and end all but it's vital step especially cameron needs to be seen to be doing something as i mentioned people are finding their livings the cost of living increasing and their taxes rising and i think they're very angry about this and. the british prime minister needs to be representing their interests so much. of their international tax review magazine thank you for your analysis of time.
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american journalists are sounding the alarm over what they say is a washington a witch hunt to prevent sensitive information leaks and in the line of fire the journalists themselves as well as fox news white house correspondent who was revealed to be under surveillance by the justice department it was also the month low wiretapping operation against more than one hundred associated plus journalists a white house is defending the harsh methods saying it was all a matter of national security i colleague marina joshie discussed this with r t s news that a diver crotty he says are that far from car in journalism washington may be pushing them to new extremes altogether. the news that broke over the weekend caused an absolute sensational reaction right across the news media and what commentators. right across the american spectrum have said are now identifying
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a trend where what people see starting with wiki leaks a couple of years ago with the prosecution of mr manning bradley manning but also the prosecution and the attack on wiki leaks is now seeping through people are calling the main stream media and the media that previously would have regarded manning as an out or salvage as an outlier is now finding itself suffering the same kind of attacks that have suffered from the american government it's also interesting where you actually draw this line you know because now we're seeing the journalists being called whistleblowers yeah well i guess the most important thing to point out to her here though maria is that whistle blowing is not illegal in fact whistle blowing is a venerated position under law whereby a person privy to information will release that information in the public interest . the most notorious whistle blowing case of recent years is the wiki leaks case and julian assange is seen as a whistleblower whereas in fact i think for the purpose the purpose of this is question we should probably regard him as a publisher of information. as
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a journalist yeah in that sense bradley manning is the whistleblower because now they also want to charge sons with the same charge that they are trying to put on mr rosen at the moment which is that a a reporter in going about their job fulfilling their job description going about their daily beast solicits information from individuals these individuals for national security reporter happened to be working for the state and that this approach to these individuals is being regarded on the nine hundred seventeen espionage act as coconspirators see to aid and abet espionage but speaking broadly about the media in this particular context i mean we know that the media always defended their sources shielded sources but now we're seeing it in a very vulnerable position no absolutely but interesting enough. from the new yorker is that they've introduced a digitally encrypted environment they're taking steps to protect their sources called strongbox. the code itself was developed by digital first
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amendment activists or code developed by r. and schwartz the late aren't schwartz he killed himself while under prosecution for releasing files from dumping files in public domain that were previously owned by the mit if i'm not mistaken i guess the idea here was that they would guarantee anonymity to whistleblowers into sources but. the other side of that now is that this an environment like that may serve to guarantee anonymity to journalists who are facing an absolutely unprecedented threat in the history of american media greg p a leslie from the reporters comedy for freedom of the press believes that the right of the u.s. government to protect its secret information should not overlap the first amendment . they obviously have a very strong interest in protecting their information and we've always counted on the justice department to balance that interest against the first amendment rights of the reporters and it's that ability to balance it that's been called into question by the events of the last couple weeks we feel that most journalists can
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make the careful determination of when some confidential information is newsworthy and something that the public has a right to see and they can balance that against the risk of any damage that might be caused by release of it i think most journalists if they knew the information would truly be damaging would be willing to hold back or you know report less of it or accommodate those security interests. the body of an afghan man whose feet had been kind of has been discovered be a former american military base not far from the country's capital kabul as investigators like you say u.s. forces of murdering and torturing at least seventeen people in the province car is a journalist who covers the events in afghanistan and he joins us live now. the american the reputation among afghans is pretty low as it is or what effect will
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this torture scandal have on that relationship. president karzai had condemned this and also the clerics shore. which is in kabul had a. press release about it and there was demonstrations in kabul and also in wardak province. the case happened in wardak province which is about an hour drive from capital kabul and seventeen people in war missing and as far as we getting information nine of the fifty seventeen missing dead bodies are found in a are still missing place it was takin was controlled by an american special forces would they are normal or they're on the. the war
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but they are still in the province ok is it possible that the taliban could capitalize on torture scandals in its own campaign to win the local. one of course in the past we have seen cases quite a lot when there has been a lot of civilian casualties or in such cases people who are in turn against the afghan government or the. american forces in afghanistan i mean in this such case when you talk to the people down there or with family members they are told to leave for annoyed and they're angry and they are standing against the americans why does the u.s. feel it can be easily dismissed torture i.q. stations all information about secret cia prisons i thought.
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sorry can you repeat the question why does the us feel that it can easily dismiss torture accusations all information that about secret cia prisons when it comes up . one when it comes to special forces you know it is very hard to access to them i mean media wise we have been not successful in the past i mean we have seen cases since two thousand and one always there has been problems. you know with special forces locals have you know complains all around the country most of the time that you know they do not. afghan government is not our vera bit and when you ask from the american military spokespersons are the media people at the have knew. always about your actions you write to afghan journalist the estimate becoming giving us just an update day on what's been happening in the case with the afghan aftertaste and which.
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by the pentagon is expecting the government to for god millions of dollars to finance long term work on guantanamo prison even though president obama says he wants the facility placed we reported that in a few minutes. we speak your language was i mean from a deal or not a day in. the news programs and documentaries and spanish matters to you breaking news i want to turn it to bangalore stories. for you here. in troy altie spanish to find out more visit actuality t.v. dot com.
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it's good to. get you to meet. welcome back here watching our team the pentagon is requesting almost half a billion dollars in funding for one tunnel by someone else to upgrade temporary facilities which could take up to ten years to complete calling into question just
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how serious the obama administration is about closing the prison more than one hundred inmates who are being held without charge three and a half months into a hunger strike over the edge and tension one form of god at the prison told us his guantanamo experience has psychologically scarred him some of the some of the tactics that i saw practice in guantanamo i just never really want to wish to relive again omar carter and a number of other detainees that they were privileged to something we called the frequent flyer program where rubin essentially moved them every two hours whether removing them from camp delta camp echo or moving them from bravo block to charlie block be it a little move or a big move the idea was sent there for two hours they would be moved and they wouldn't be able to sleep this was essentially thought to wear down their psyche and make them more. probable to give up information during interrogation i think it speaks volumes about the conditions at guantanamo of obviously sink to have if
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suicide through starvation is for her a goal to. staying alive and then going through the monotony of guantanamo existence the only reason the detainees are being force fed is that the u.s. military or rather the powers that be are scared that these men have enough conviction to literally starve to death and they know that if these men do starve to death it will make the us look bad in the global global perspective if the pentagon wants four hundred fifty million dollars more to maintain and restructure guantanamo i think that's basically just preparations for the next batch of people are going to fill it. as it stands right now they weeks to so many millions of dollars of taxpayer money in one conoco. it's just ridiculous and absurd to think about but if we just devoted another four hundred fifty million i think that's just perfect evidence right there there's no intention to close up one where the. francaise a serious president must hand over for executive power to
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a transitional government while turkey has totally rejected any role for bashar assad in peace negotiations these and the so-called friends of syria nations are gathered in jordan to discuss peace talks between damascus and the opposition one of them is vocal speakers at the gathering was u.s. secretary of state john kerry and some of his statements don't exactly tally with what he said just two weeks ago as unless he reports speaking at a press conference in amman the u.s. state secretary john kerry said and i quote if syrian president bashar al assad was not prepared to discuss a political solution to end syria's civil war the united states and others would consider increasing support for his opponents and of quote that along with increasing initiatives across the atlantic to arm the syrian rebels something again reiterated by the u.s. senate commission on tuesday is creating a feeling of uncertainty whether a peaceful solution to the syrian conflict would be found any time soon the latest
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statement by john kerry seems questionable especially after the meeting in moscow less than two weeks ago when john kerry and russian foreign minister sergey lavrov and the russian president vladimir putin agreed to hold an international conference by the end of this month to have both the syrian government and the syrian opposition at the same negotiation table and back then told john kerry that he saw clear signs coming from the syrian government that they were willing to take part in this negotiation while nothing like that nothing of the same sort was coming from the opposition this stance was reached rated again by the russian foreign minister during his meeting with the deputy foreign minister of syria today in moscow we are waiting for a reaction from the russian foreign ministry on the latest statement by john kerry and we know that the russian foreign minister and the u.s. states actually had a conversation over the phone today about the peace conference. which is due to be
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held by the end of this month but the biggest question in the light of the statements by john kerry in amman is whether this peace conference would be held at all. or world news and horrific murder in southeast london in broad daylight is now being investigated as a possible act of terror two men in a car apparently ran over a young soldier before getting out and brutally hacking him to death in war which would business say that to use machetes and knives and where taunting a law which means god is great in arabic police are shot the attackers who are now in hospital the incident is not be investigated as terrorism with the threat considered substantial. a third night of rioting in stockholm has seen cars and buildings tossed in anger at what writers say is the treatment of immigrants a people have been arrested according to police the unrest began on sunday in a largely immigrant sub up in the north of the city violence flat after police shot
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dead a sixty nine year old man who was allegedly wielding a large knife in the street. coming your way next prime interest rates are the number main stream financial news stay with us.
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good afternoon to welcome the prime time perry and boring reporting and washington d.c. here's the stories that i've been looking at. jamie is save america's fair headed leader of j.p. morgan chase has retained his role as chairman of the board is rumored some of the
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other board members of the board members will soon be departing but for now the too big to fail heads are breathing a sigh of relief as this proxy war was seen by some as a proxy on the entire industry keep your fingers crossed the other hand. if you feel gods that was the u.s. heading the debt ceiling over the weekend this is no longer a front page or even page six news event is under market will a bad one largely unnoticed but not by the treasury which now uses its arsenal of tools to rob peter to pay paul reminds us of bringing us to vote he so fond of talking about you know the one that's going to help them rein in price inflation and fifteen minutes later in the so i'm going to talk about the debt ceiling in monetary badness with authors michael penned and mark the land. and the senate tried to take a bite out of tim cook this morning but the apple c.e.o. didn't flinch up there getting police with accusations of tax dodging he said
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there's no tax if being going on but senators were quick to praise apple and its technological marvels but they weren't so patient with mr cook then the us he was quick to point out that the next match will be made in texas. it won't be made by it's profitable i as ira subsidiaries which has no employees i was at the hearing and i'll bring you a full report in the duel but for now let's get to what's in your prime interest. in. barely a day goes by that.


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